Educational Portfolio

Barone Management is dedicated to creating high-quality educational facilities for New York City school children. As a product of the New York City school system, company founder Scott Barone is personally committed to creating safe, functional, and modern schools throughout the five boroughs. Educational facilities are the cornerstone of urban communities and the Education Division at Barone Management was born out of a desire to give back to these communities by developing projects that have a tangible social impact.

The firm is proud to combine its years of successful commercial development with a commitment to providing educational opportunities for children across New York City. Barone Management is especially ambitious in its goals to bring schools to the City’s most economically challenged and diverse neighborhoods. Many of these districts suffer shortfalls of thousands of seats. Existing facilities cannot meet the demand of growing populations and Barone Management’s objective is to create environments where New York City school children can learn and thrive. Additionally, the firm understands the positive impact of building a school at the heart of a mixed-use complex where students, residents, and business owners can experience a wide cross-section of demographics and role models. The creative mix of uses shines a spotlight on the symbiotic relationship between schools and the larger community.

Barone Management is currently developing several underutilized sites across Brooklyn and Queens into state-of-the-art mixed-use communities with educational use as a focal point. The firm is working with several education providers in New York City – including Growing Up Green Charter School, New Dawn Charter High School, Hebrew Language Academy Charter School, and The Renaissance Charter School – to fill a gap in underserved communities. The development team at Barone Management, together with its partners, strives to build schools that provide growth opportunities for students while connecting them with real-world experiences and opportunities. In conjunction with these efforts, Barone Management is a significant benefactor to the Coalition of Community Charter Schools, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and advance the community charter school movement throughout the City.